Star Wars is releasing a digitally remastered version of The Phantom Menace with Twisted Tea light sabers

How many cans of Twisted Tea does it take to end racism? Just one. A viral video made its way across social media recently involving a black guy smashing a Twisted Tea across the face of drunk guy in front of a cash register in a gas station during a confrontation. Essentially the drunk guy... Continue Reading →

Antifa lights up several blocks of small business to send a mostly peaceful message

In response to tuesday's election day results, or lack there of, many leftist extremists flew in from their own cities to help quell the division and hatred in downtown Washington, D.C. Reports coming out of Washington, D.C. tell a heartwarming story about American's coming together, miles away from their own towns equipped with gas masks,... Continue Reading →

France Surrenders to Coronavirus

As is tradition, France formally announces they are surrendering to the Coronavirus. It didn't take long for France to buckle under the possibility of the Chinese made epidemic after the first confirmed death was reported. Read More: Dogs Lick Us Because We Have Bones Inside And They Want Them, Scientists Say Emmanuel Macron gave a press... Continue Reading →

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