The Ice Age Baby Needs to be Stopped

A few months ago, Baby Yoda took the meme world by storm. But now, there’s a new baby in town. And everyone hates him. I present: The Ice Age Baby. The ice age baby started appearing in all your favorite meme formats last week and he quickly drew negative criticism from pretty much everyone: Read... Continue Reading →

Shaggy Uses 0.69% of His Power to Re-Emerge One Last Time Before End of Decade. Nice.

While pretty much everyone on the Internet (including us) has been debating the meme of the decade for the last month, one notable legend has been forgotten: Shaggy. And he's reportedly back with a vengeance to claim his rightful throne as the greatest meme of the decade. Last January, Shaggy's powers became an incredibly popular... Continue Reading →

Woman Gives Birth to Twin Tacos

Earlier this year, we wrote about a woman giving birth to a fucking pizza. But a woman in Albuquerque just took it up a notch by giving birth to identical twin tacos. Yes, you read that right - tacos. A few months before giving birth, expecting mother Gina Gonzalez went in for a regular ultrasound... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Tesla Announces New CyberBus

Last week, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest creation, the “Cybertruck” and the memes quickly followed. Read More: New Study Shows That Breathing Air Is Linked To Staying Alive Read More: 69% of high schoolers say they feel soothed when lunch ladies call them ‘suga’ or ‘baby’. Nice. But the excitement of the Cybertruck was quickly... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon To Theatres: The Facebook

Next epic romantic saga in "White People Almost Kissing In The Rain". Take notes, Nicholas Sparks because your romance mediocrity is about to be outmatched! Yes, the rumors are true that have been virally sweeping the web by storm - The Facebook's happening! Woken News Network has got your first look at it. Official leaked... Continue Reading →

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