Cracker Barrel considering changing name to “Caucasian Barrel” to be more politically correct

It’s 2020 and being politically correct is more important for businesses than it ever has been. That’s why popular US food chain “Cracker Barrel” is considering changing it’s name to a more appropriate “Caucasian Barrel”.  “The term ‘cracker’ may be seen as a racial slur among some people, so we figure it’s the least we... Continue Reading →

Man with multiple personality disorder sues state for not being allowed to use carpool lane

A man from Nevada is suing the state after a run-in with local police last week. He was pulled over for driving by himself in the carpool lane.He claims that since he deals with multiple personality disorder, he should be allowed to drive in the carpool lane with no issues. “Sometimes, I’m a 46 year... Continue Reading →

If you have two credit cards and use them to pay each other off, you have infinite money, claims financial advisor

Hundreds of so called “financial gurus” are always taking to the Internet to claim they have a foolproof “get-rich-quick” scheme that will generate wealth and financial freedom. Most of them are lying. But one financial advisor may just have the actual key to unlimited money. Gary Carbone, an unnaturally tan financial advisor from Billings, Montana... Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Coronavirus has not claimed Nickelback.

Their two fans are reported, ecstatic. Sources have confirmed that all surviving Nickelback members, remain unscathed from the Coronavirus; only causality confirmed has been their imprint onto the music industry - sources confirmed. Since there's nothing more to report on the subject, Nickelback jokes are provided below to help make for any lost hope. Nickelback,... Continue Reading →

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