Entrepreneur launches new product: straws made from turtles

A biologist-turned-entrepreneur Jackson Fitzpatrick has turned the straw industry on its head with his new invention: straws made from turtles. Fitzpatrick said he thought of the idea after struggling to drink a Frappuccino with a paper straw from Starbucks. “The straw fell apart after two sips and was completely useless. It was a horrible experience.... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Was Invented By Toilet Paper Companies To Get You To Buy More.

How does it feel to be wiping your ass with corruption? You've heard them before. Conspiracists with claims ranging from 'big pharma' to the illuminati are the ones really in control of everything.Improbable? Likely. Impossible? Maybe.What if we told you that the toilet paper companies are the ones behind the Coronavirus spread?Unlikely? Not at all.... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Tesla Announces New CyberBus

Last week, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest creation, the “Cybertruck” and the memes quickly followed. Read More: New Study Shows That Breathing Air Is Linked To Staying Alive Read More: 69% of high schoolers say they feel soothed when lunch ladies call them ‘suga’ or ‘baby’. Nice. But the excitement of the Cybertruck was quickly... Continue Reading →

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