Breaking News: Coronavirus has not claimed Nickelback.

Their two fans are reported, ecstatic. Sources have confirmed that all surviving Nickelback members, remain unscathed from the Coronavirus; only causality confirmed has been their imprint onto the music industry - sources confirmed. Since there's nothing more to report on the subject, Nickelback jokes are provided below to help make for any lost hope. Nickelback,... Continue Reading →

Nicolas Cage will be played by John Travolta in the new Nicolas Cage movie.

'Nicolas Cage will be played by John Travolta in the new Nicolas Cage movie.' reports Forbidden News. The actor says he believes he's the most qualified to play. John Travolta has played Nicolas Cage before in Face/Off (1997) so for most fans it comes as no surprise that he was cast to play him again... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon To Theatres: The Facebook

Next epic romantic saga in "White People Almost Kissing In The Rain". Take notes, Nicholas Sparks because your romance mediocrity is about to be outmatched! Yes, the rumors are true that have been virally sweeping the web by storm - The Facebook's happening! Woken News Network has got your first look at it. Official leaked... Continue Reading →

Area 51 Meme Is Now A Video Game On Steam

Seriously. Storm Area 51: September 20th 2019 is the game's official title and yes, it's real. According to the game's official Steam page: Survive the epic raid on Area 51 and rescue the aliens from the military compound using classic stealth mechanics and cover. It’s 3am, September 20th, 2019…. join the millions planning to storm... Continue Reading →

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